Who is the ErgonomicsDr?

Jonathan Bailin, Ph.D.

Dr. Bailin received his doctorate in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics after completing  research in forearm injuries from repetitive motion at the University of Southern California in 1994. 

In 1995, in cooperation with a panel of experts, he wrote the internationally recognized Computer Injuries FAQ that you see on the next page.  At that time, career threatening Repetitive Strain Injuries had become pandemic among those working at a computer work station.  Today, use of screens for Americans averages over 10 hours per day and the intensity of texting and keyboard work is still rising. 




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             What is ergonomics? 

Ergonomics is the art and science of preventing injuries and increasing productivity at your workstation.  This FAQ will answer many questions about setting up your workstation and keeping you healthy.